Christian Counseling Center

Chose Christian Counseling Center because:

  *Voted Springfield's Best in 2013-2019. 

    High Success rate due to counselors being highly trained .​

​    High Success Rate of marriages and family improvement.  

    High Success Rate of individuals living  life without guilt and shame. 

    High Success Rate of  individuals finding HOPE again.

    High Success Rate of individuals no longer living in fear, but of being 
        empowered to chose  freedom.

    High Success Rate of individuals finding a God who they can trust . 
    High Success Rate of individual knowing and liking who they are.


Confidence is being so grounded in who you are
that another person's behavior cannot  shake you
 or be a threat to your self-esteem
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Karen Davis, LPC
Christian Counseling Center
We Offer Evening and Weekend Appointments
We Accept most Insurances and EAP Programs
We Accept Medicaid.