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Marriage Counseling:  Couples want to connect but lack the skills to fix their patterns.  Building a strong marriage is the goal of our counseling service.  Counseling focuses on critical relationship issues.  Couples learn to effectively communicate, solve conflict and enhance ability to connect at a deeper level.   
Anger Management: Anger when expressed correctly is normal and healthy.  Anger management focuses on appropriate anger releases, and calming physical triggers. Learn to control your emotions  and communicate with others in a way that improves the situation.  We teach you how to manage your emotions.
Family Counseling:  Parents will learn to provide concise, and consistent discipline.  Parents are given specific ways to lessen the power struggles and learn to be predictable.  The family  learns to live in peace and  joy, without power struggles. Each member will learn new communication and conflict resolution skills.
Stress/Anxiety:  If you think there is to much stress in your life? There probably is. Stress is the tension we have when we have pressures placed on us. Stress may be physical, or emotional.  Our counseling focuses on dealing with stress positively instead of negatively.  We will help you identify how to stop from feeling anxiety to feeling as if you have the power to succeed.  We help you stop the negative thoughts and feelings.
Grief Counseling Learn five stages of grief and the timeline of grief.   If you are stuck in grief, we will help you to let go and remember without pain.  Life is extremely unpredictable, and learning again to trust the process of life and move into joy again is the goal of grief counseling. 
Divorce Recovery:   Divorce is one of the most painful events in life, whether you wanted the divorce or not. Topics covered are lost dreams, grieving, moving beyond anger, children and divorce and forgiveness of others and self.  We provide, with this relationship ending,  how to find how to live with hope for the future. ​
Divorce Recovery For Kids:  Children struggle with letting go of the dream of mom and dad staying together.  Counseling will help them to let go and grief with their parents, accepting the situation.  Many times children do not show their pain until about two years after the divorce. Counseling helps them to return to being a kid instead of feeling  if the whole world is now on their shoulders. 
Difficult Relationships:  If you are living with someone who is self-absorbed and self-centered and it seems everything is about them; if you are usually on the defensive and you feel crazy,  there is hope.  Counseling will teach you how to trust yourself and stop doubting what the truth is.  You will feel empowered to set boundaries and stop feeling lack of power.
Depression:  The feeling of being overwhelmed and emotional exhausted.  Feeling like life is bigger than you.  Counseling will help you to re-define how to react differently to the stressors and have joy and contentment. ​
Workshops:   Workshop which is created to help God's people break free of shame, guilt and low self-worth.​  Very effective to help people understand that words are "Life and Death". ( Psalm 18)
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