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Help Marriage is Tough!

by Karen Davis on 04/28/21

Relationships are tough even at it's best.  I have heard Dr. Phil state that everyday those in relationships should say,  "What two thing can I do today to make the one I love feel important to me."   The truth is, often times, we are so focused on our own needs and rights that they dominate our thinking and behaviors.

The success of our relationships would be unbelievable, if we focus on changing ourselves.  If we were willing to listen and understand another person's heart, we could have our deepest desires met.  This concept  might just save many families from divorce. 

Marriage  is perhaps the most complex of human relationships. Each of us want to be heard and validated in our love relationships. Christian Counseling Center focuses on:

* Critical relationships issues.

* Ability to effectively handle disagreements: fighting fair,  finding solutions.

* Gaining skills to develop and maintain intimacy.

* Increasing awareness concerning patterns of communications.

* Couples parent as a team.

* Increasing relationships intimacies and enjoyment. At Christian Counseling Center, we can make a difference, please call us. Karen 


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