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Divorce Recovery

by Karen Davis on 07/18/15

There is almost nothing that compares to the pain of the failure of a marriage.  I compared it to having an arm amputated without anesthesia.  It seems that this is true for those wanting to end the marriage or for those wanting to save the marriage. 

The following is a testimony of the success of counseling. Christa states, "I remember walking in to the counseling office feeling empty and very sad.  My ex-husband was about to remarry and left me to be the responsible adult to raise our nine-month old daughter.  I often thought how will I ever recover from this;  my life will never be the same.  Though the next few weeks, counseling took me from sadness and loneliness to accepting the circumstances.  I was learning to move on with my new life. The counselor understood and emphasized with me.  I learned to say,  "I don't like it but it is going to be O.K.  Eventually, I was able to say and mean it "I don't like it but it is o.k."

Counseling is designed to meet the needs of those who are adjusting to the finality of a broken dreams. The following topics are covered:                            

     * Lost dreams; the timeline of grief and its stages.

     *  Moving beyond anger and sadness.

     *   Children and divorce.

 The reality is dreams do not always some true.  Letting go of the dream can be as painful as letting go of the person.  Call Christian Counseling Center to make an appointment.  Let us walk you through this.  Karen 

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