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Difficult Relationships

by Karen Davis on 08/20/15

 Relationships are a challenge. In a relationship, where someone can make you feel inept, and ungrateful, then you are in a difficult relationship.  If you are being accused of having negative qualities, you are in a difficult relationship. If at times, he/she makes you feel there is something wrong with you or you feel you are crazy, then you are in a difficult relationships.

At Christian Counseling Center,  learning to identify your truth and standing on that truth begins to give the person in a difficult relationship power and control.  Learning to trust yourself and your instincts is the beginning of freedom. 

Freedom to set boundaries

Freedom to trust yourself

Freedom to be yourself and like yourself

Freedom to know you are not crazy and you are not the problem 

Freedom to stay or leave the marriage knowing you do not have to tolerate bad behavior.

Let us teach you to trust and love yourself.  When you truly love yourself (commandment 2) you can not let another person verbally, emotionally or physically abuse you.

Karen Davis MS LPC

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