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Anger Management-Fighting Fair

by Karen Davis on 07/15/15

Many times, we live our lifes reacting from outside stresses.  Learning that each of us has the power to control how we act and feel is powerful.  Learning to act and not re-act is one of the goals of anger management presented at Christian Counseling Center.  Helping each person to understand that anger is an emotion which covers up other emotions.  Anger is one of the easiest emotions to feel.  It is a secondary emotions.  Primary emotions are fear, hurt, frustration and low self-worth. To be vulnerable and communicate those fears, hurts, and frustrations is tough.  At Christian Counseling Center,  anger management will facilitate growth by teaching the following:

  * Appropriate anger release.

  * Calming physical triggers. 

  * Managing stress and emotional tension.

  * Communicating with others in a way that improves situations.

Learning how to fight fair and to express anger in a healthy way will enhance  relationships and help us achieve the intimacies we want and desire.

by Karen

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